About Andrea

Our founder

Saborit was born after years of realizing that I was freakishly obsessed with baking and weirdly obsessed with understanding what happiness is all about.  

After attending culinary school, obtaining a health coach certificate, working at Bachour Bakery and doing countless trials and errors, I was able to put together all my knowledge into this “baby” that I call Saborit. Backed up by my finance and marketing college degrees, I finally brought my dream to life.

Since day one, it’s been my goal to build an ethical company based on values of transparency and commitment.  At Saborit we empower our community to not obsess over nor satanize certain foods, but to consciously  indulge in delicious sweets, and understand that a healthy and happy life is more than just food. It is also about nurturing our relationships, having fun, and sharing with our loved ones.

Saborit’s mission is to innovate and create desserts that are full of latin flavors from my roots while bringing happiness to people at any moment of their lives. 

Always with love,