Our Story




Saborit was founded with a mission of bringing all the flavor into your fridge (or freezer) because we want to be with you at any time. 

For us, happiness can be found from whenever and wherever you are. It is about reminding ourselves to take a pause and enjoy the simple things in life. And that's why we're here — to make it easy & handy for you to do just that, every day. 

By blending our creativity and passion, we use the finest ingredients to craft the most authentic, flavorful desserts with the purpose of bringing joy into your life. Our main product can be consumed frozen, semifrozen, cold, or warmed up — that's up to you! Yes, así es mejor, because we believe that the best things in life don't have rules, instructions, nor hurries. 

This is our way, the happy way, the Saborit way. Not only the best way to eat, but to live.

Life is sweet, come Sabor-it with us!